At Forest View, all  parents, guardians and staff are important members of the PTA community. You can start by joining the PTA — but there are tons of opportunities to get involved.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Pay PTA dues of only $5.
  2. Volunteer for Forest View.
  3. Sign up for PTA emails.
  4. Donate to the Unfundraiser
  5. Link store cards and support our retail partners!

PTA dues

Your dues fund our state and national PTAs, which advocate for education at all levels. The Durham Council of PTAs provides our PTA officers with training and helps us connect with other local PTAs. 


PTA volunteers support Forest View in many important ways. To keep our community thriving, it is vital that we grow our membership and include new faces, ideas, and talent each year.  You can check out volunteer opportunities here. One way to learn about school events and stay connected is through our weekly PTA e-newsletter, which includes announcements about upcoming school events, volunteer needs, and general information for families. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Volunteers wearing red are ready to help in the library!

What else can I do?

The largest source of financial support for the Forest View PTA is the Unfundraiser. You can also link store cards, shop with our retain partners, use Forest View’s Amazon Smile link, and participate in other programs. Click here to learn more!