Terracycle at FV

What can be Terracycled at Forest View? Here is an updated guide as of Fall 2019.

– Foil wrappers
YES! chip bags and granola bar wrappers
NO! Please do not send regular aluminum foil

– Cereal liner bags
YES! bags that are inside boxes containing cereal or crackers
NO! Please do not send any other type of plastic bag or plastic packaging
NO! Please do not send Cereal boxes

– Juice pouches
YES! EMPTY Capri-sun, Honest kids silver pouches
NO! Please do not send juice boxes or water bottles

– Food Pouches
YES! EMPTY fruit sauce and yogurt pouches

– Personal care items
YES! EMPTY body wash bottles, deodorant, trigger sprayer

– Dental
YES! tooth brushes, EMPTY toothpaste tubes, dental floss containers

– Make up containers
YES! EMPTY mascara, lipstick tubes, eye shadow

-Water Filters
YES! BRITA and PUR filters

YES! Cell phones, Laptops, netbooks, iPadsInkjet cartridges from HP and Canon
NO! toner cartridges, chargers, cables, headphones/headsets