Terracycle at FV

What can be Terracycled at Forest View? Here is an updated guide as of Fall 2019.

– Foil wrappers
YES! chip bags and granola bar wrappers
NO! Please do not send regular aluminum foil

– Juice pouches
YES! EMPTY Capri-sun, Honest kids silver pouches
NO! Please do not send juice boxes or water bottles

– Food Pouches
YES! EMPTY fruit sauce and yogurt pouches

– Personal care items
YES! EMPTY body wash bottles, deodorant, trigger sprayer

– Dental
YES! tooth brushes, EMPTY toothpaste tubes, dental floss containers

– Make up containers
YES! EMPTY mascara, lipstick tubes, eye shadow

-Water Filters
YES! BRITA and PUR filters

YES! Cell phones, Laptops, netbooks, iPadsInkjet cartridges from HP and Canon
NO! toner cartridges, chargers, cables, headphones/headsets