Resources for Families

Club de Padres

¡La escuela Forest View le da la bienvenida a los padres hispanos!! El Club es un lugar para los padres, madres, y otros familiares y amigos que quieren aprender como ayudar a sus niños a tener éxito en la escuela. Una vez cada mes, nos reunimos para compartir una charla con un invitado especial. Proveemos transporte, desayuno y cuidado de niños. ¡Todo grátis y todo en español! Para mayor información, favor de hablar con la maestra Catriona Moore (560-3932).


Do you have a child with a severe allergy?

This form, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan, explains the variety of ways to delivery epinephrine and includes all of the auto injectors, two of which are fairly new to the market (and very new in the school system). It gives parents, students, and health care providers a wonderful visual to use to prompt discussion about what type of injector the student may bring to school, the dose, and instructions on how to use it.


Educational Resources 

Are you looking for ways to support your gifted learner at home?

  • Engaging your gifted student during the summer. Sneha Shah-Coltrane offers her suggestions for  supporting learning throughout the summer.  Here is the PowerPoint from the Family Conversation she led: AIG PTA FamilyTalks.EngagingHome.5.2013.
  • Supporting the Emotional and Social  Needs of Gifted Learners. Sneha Shah-Coltrane, Forest View parent and Director of Gifted Education for North Carolina, offers her Top 10 Thoughts in her blog post here . Click AIG Family Conversation.SocEmot.4.2013 for a PowerPoint of the Family Conversation she led.

Want to make math meaningful and fun at home?

Forest View parents Sneha and Geoff Shah Coltrane developed this list for Family Resource night. It includes on-line resources (standards, games, and problem-solving activities) and tips for working with your children:  1.Math is everywhere – make it meaningful and fun!  2. Ask your child to explain their thinking. 3. Ban “I’m bad a math!”FV MathResources.Resourcenight.2012

Want to learn more about the Common Core Curriculum and how it affects your child?

Check out these links for more information.

  1. From the NC PTA: Common Core Standards in North Carolina Elementary Schools 
  2. View and print National PTA Parent Guides: Parents’ Guide to Student Success ;
  3. Core Standards FAQ

Looking for ways to support your child’s education?

One place to start: Family Resource Guide. This handbook, published by the North Carolina PTA, provides parents and families guidance on ways they can support their child’s education, communicate with teachers, and help build a strong school community. Guia de Recursos para la Familia