What Volunteers Have Said

“I was so excited when I was able to volunteer with my 3rd grade daughter. It was fun and energizing and she worked so hard, and most importantly we did it together. It meant a lot to give back to Forest View like that. We were really proud and had a blast!”

— Jeannine Sato, Forest View parent

“The real reason I work the concessions is because it’s fun.  I especially love working the football games on sunny fall afternoons, making small talk with fans, hawking soda and hot dogs, and sharing a few laughs with parents and other staff members as we earn a few bucks for our school.”

— Linda Turgurian, Forest View Science/Technology Facilitator


“Supporting the FV concessions is my way of ensuring that my daughter has the best possible resources to learn.  Each year the concessions stand has provided a significant amount of funding to the school.  As I learned about how much the PTA does for the school and how a basic core of parents have been tirelessly supporting the effort, the decision was easy for me to get involved.  Along the way, I have gotten to know more and more parents in Forest View and I have enjoyed working with them in a shared goal of giving back to the school and the community.  Getting to see the behind the scenes of Duke football and basketball (and even the games as well!) has been a delight.”


“I really enjoy working concessions because it is truly a team effort.  It’s fun to work along-side other parents, teachers and kids when you know how much money it raises for the school.  I also enjoy the fellowship during the lulls in the action. I think more people would volunteer if they realized how much fun it is. (Shhh, don’t tell ’em.)”

— Tony Nicholson, Forest View parent


“It’s a great way to experience Duke games, and my fellow volunteers are a blast, particularly Dave Van Wagener who is something of a lunatic. The fact that our fun puts computers in classrooms and enriches the student experience at Forest View is just gravy.”

–Erik Wibbels, Forest View parent


I love to work concessions for the community building among our teachers, parents, and students current and past. I love to work concessions because in my fifteen years at Forest View I have seen what a difference that this fundraiser makes for our school, our programs, and our materials.”

–Maryann Smith, Forest View EC Teacher K-1-2