Terracyle Updates – It’s working!

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Woohoo!  Forest View family keep up the good work!  Especially, keep sending in those cereal bags (or similar plastic liner bags from inside boxes of Cheez-its, Teddy Grahams, etc.)!  If we collect more than 5 pounds of cereal bags, we can earn money for those as well.

This week’s terracycling:

14.9 lbs of foil wrappers

9.7 lbs of capri sun/applesauce pouches.

Year to date:

46.0 lbs of foil wrappers

64.9 lbs of juice/apple sauce pouches

2.9 lbs of cereal bags

11.1 lbs personal care packaging

Kudos to Tralai Taylor, Michaelle Briones, Hannah Lipp, Mattea Weinhold and friends for putting together the awesome and popular Compost/Terracycle/Recycle game at Fall Festival last Saturday!