Igniting Your Child’s Passion and Precision through Writing Letters to Editors  

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Teachers, Profs, Parents: Writers Who Care

by Jane Jones  

Parents: writing letters to the editor is something you can do at home with your child or children and set a wonderful example as an advocate for positive activism. Harnessing the emotional energy generated by outrage, the desire to voice an opposing view or amplify a valued mind set, is an opportunity for us to help our children produce a finely-polished piece of writing. Letters to the editor are limited to 200 words in most cases, so it’s a reasonable task.  But within that limit, every revision and editing choice is critical. Once a child has found his or her target topic, and the fire of passion is ignited, the next several hours spent editing, revising, refining, researching and looking at other examples of successfully published letters are typically self-imposed.

Before you and your child start this thought-provoking project, here are a few tips about preparation…

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